About Us

Silkwood Stars is a family run business that prides itself on providing a home away from home for the children we care for and educate. We carefully select our educators based on our philosophy of providing a warm and loving environment which helps build the confidence and self-esteem necessary for children to learn and develop. Our staff turn over is low, allowing children to build strong and secure relationships with their carers. Any new staff members are rigorously trialled such that we accept only the best educators who the children naturally gravitate towards.

We believe it is our responsibility to provide your children with the positive experiences needed to help shape their lives. Our experienced team of educators come from a range of backgrounds, with many of them having worked or been educated in different industries prior to becoming early learning educators. For example, our staff are made up of past secondary maths teachers, French and English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers and a physicist, thereby providing your children with a diversity of learning experiences. Our staff continue to work towards excellence and continued professional development with many currently completing further study in early learning, including one staff member recently completing her Masters in Early Childhood Education. Importantly, most of our staff are parents themselves or have had greater than 5 years experience in childcare. They are expert at what they do, and they do it with compassion, understanding and excellence.

Silkwood Stars is large enough to provide children with opportunities such as externally-run music and library programs (free of charge) but small enough to provide the familiarity and love that children require to flourish in their formative years.


To place your child/ren on our waiting list you must complete a waiting list form either online by completing a hard copy at the centre. Read More »